Stratton Woods

Situated just a few miles away from the all-new Exxon Mobil campus, as well as the essential Grand Parkway, Stratton Woods has a lot of benefits to offer residents. This gated community has only a handful of homes for sale at any given time. This isn’t an exclusive neighborhood, per say, but it is one of the most popular in Spring TX. The homes themselves can give you a good idea of why that is the case, but keep in mind that there is so much more to this community that can be appreciated.

When it comes to the homes, you have a range of new-construction homes, many of which could easily be described as sprawling estate-style properties. Homes in this neighborhood rarely sell for less than 600, 000 dollars. In fact, it is far more likely to find homes in the range of 700,000 dollars and up. With home sizes as large as several thousand square feet, and some of the most unique, arresting designs to be found anywhere in this city of 50,000+, it isn’t hard to see why these homes can seem like they are a little on the pricey side.

Stratton Woods benefits from these homes, but you will also want to appreciate your surroundings in greater detail. We are talking about not only the immediate benefits, but the benefits of your vital location along the Spring-Houston-Woodlands metropolitan area.

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The homes for sale in this impressive Spring TX neighborhood are perfect for singles, couples, and certainly for families. You are also just a few miles away from everything Spring has to offer. In terms of community essentials, such as great schools and hospitals, you have the best to be found anywhere. Most of the schools in this neighborhood are supported through the Spring Independent School District. You are also close to the famed Texas Medical Center.

Spring also offers some gorgeous public parks, public and private golf courses, dining, shopping, and so much more. This is a city that goes well beyond merely being a hub along the Spring-Houston-Woodlands metropolitan area. Spring features everything you could ever want from a place in which to call home.

But if you need an easy workday commute to Downtown Houston each day, or any of the other major employment centers in Harris County TX, Stratton Woods is a neighborhood that can meet your needs in flawless fashion.

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