Mirror Lake

With the homes for sale in this neighborhood covering the past few decades, Mirror Lake has a stellar reputation for being one of the most established neighborhoods in Spring TX. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking this is an old neighborhood. Furthermore, don’t imagine for a second that this neighborhood doesn’t have as much to offer as some of the more recent additions to this city of more than 50,000+. This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city, and there are several reasons that can serve to explain that.

For one thing, this neighborhood benefits from being one of the most affordable. Prices can start in the high 100, 000 dollar range, and the homes in this neighborhood rarely sell for more than a few hundred thousand. You will also appreciate that this neighborhood has sizes that start in the area of more than 2000 square feet. Mirror Lake has some greater starter homes for those who are eager to find such things. At the same time, you will find homes suitable for those who are ready for something a bit more elaborate. There are some great traditional-style and ranch-style homes in this Spring TX neighborhood, but the homes for sale throughout can cover many other tastes. This neighborhood is established and popular in so many different ways.

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This neighborhood has much more to offer, when you leave these exquisite homes behind. Even if you go just a few miles, you will find yourself surrounded by natural beauty, great restaurants, amazing bars and cafes, lovely parks, hot local sports, and more. Spring TX schools are supported through the Spring Independent School District, but there are also schools supported through the Klein or Conroe Independent School Districts. The appeal of the homes for sale in this neighborhood is easy to understand for families. However, the truth of the matter is that just about anyone can find several things to love about a city that features neighborhoods like Mirror Lake.

As you appreciate everything in this city, don’t forget that you are just a few miles away from Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Galleria, Medical Center, and more. The work commute appeal is understandable here, but we are also talking about some of the best nightspots, parks, and culture to be found anywhere in the southwest. Just check out the offerings of the Museum District, which can be found in nearby Downtown Houston.

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"Mirror Lake"