Glenn Haven Estates

With an average selling price in the 350,000 dollar range, the homes for sale in the Spring TX neighborhood of Glenn Haven Estates certainly have the benefit of being extremely affordable. At the same time, you are also talking about some truly spacious homes with substantial curb appeal across the board. Ranch-style homes and traditional-style homes are particularly popular, and the average size of a home in this neighborhood is around 4000 square feet. The appeal of these single-family homes naturally extends to families of all shapes and sizes. At the same time, these homes in this neighborhood have the ability to engage just about anyone. For that reason alone, you can expect to find people from all backgrounds and walks of life in this neighborhood.

Ultimately, the benefits of a neighborhood like Glenn Haven Estates in Spring TX are pretty much universal in their potential to engage residents. You are surrounded by great schools, largely supported through the Spring Independent School District. You have much to enjoy in the way of restaurants, bars, cafes, local shops, stunning parks, and local sports teams. People also love the fact that Spring connects them to some of the best golf courses in the state.

See what we mean, when we tell you that the homes for sale in this neighborhood can grab just about anyone’s attention?

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Moving beyond this neighborhood, you are going to find so many appealing elements to Spring. This is a town of approximately 50, 000 people, and it enjoys a desirable location along the Spring-Houston metropolitan area. The general location of Spring makes it easy to get to everything Downtown Houston has to offer. This fact, along with other benefits that are inherent to your location, is one of the reasons why Spring appeals to those who need a straightforward commute to work each day. Spring TX will definitely give you that perk, while simultaneously surrounding you with everything you may expect from a community. This is a great place in which to raise a family, but the truth of the matter is that just about anyone can benefit from this city, or from a neighborhood such as Glenn Haven Estates.

There is a potential here, when it comes to these homes for sale, to put down long-term roots. It is very easy to imagine enjoying a community like this for years and years to come.

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"Glenn Haven Estates"